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Showa Denko Partners with Aionics to Speed Up Battery Materials Discovery

October 2021

Aionics is proud to announce their partnership with Japanese chemical giant Showa Denko K. K., now several years in the making, to help speed up Showa Denko’s battery materials design process. Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning tools offered by the Aionics platform, Showa Denko aims to design and discover quality materials for high efficiency batteries while saving time and effort.

“Our in-house team of battery materials informatics experts at Showa Denko benefits greatly from our partnership with Aionics. What Aionics brings to our materials development program is far from a commodity: it is unique, cannot be found anywhere else, and is built on rigorous research from Stanford University. Since beginning our partnership with Aionics in 2019, our team regularly calls the Aionics API to predict the properties of novel materials, which accelerates our rate of materials discovery significantly,” says Dr. Shimpei Takemoto, Artificial Intelligence and Materials Informatics Manager at Showa Denko K.K.

Dr. Lenson Pellouchoud, Chief Technology Officer of Aionics, added the following: “Showa Denko’s informatics team has been pressure-testing our featurization services for years, and putting these services to work to push the boundaries of electrochemistry. It has been a pleasure to see the team using our platform extensively, and to collaboratively improve our product to support their research.”

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