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Careers at Aionics

Let’s shape a sustainable future through innovation and collaboration, together.

About us

We are a dynamic startup company based in Palo Alto, California revolutionizing how key materials are designed and commercialized.

Our mission is to leverage the dual revolutions in high-performance computing and machine learning support the development of a decarbonized global economy – all while upholding the core values of integrity, innovation, collaboration, and technical excellence.

We value transparency and teamwork, and are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace. We seek out individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who don’t shy away from ambitious ideas and world-changing goals.

Our Values

Join Us and Embrace Our Core Values






Current Openings

No open roles at the moment.

Perks and Benefits

Flexible Work Hours
Tailor your schedule for work-life harmony
Professional Development
Unlock potential with continuous learning and growth
Health and Wellness
Prioritize well-being with comprehensive health benefits
Remote Work Options
Work from anywhere, embrace location independence
Competitive Compensation
Recognize excellence with rewarding salary packages
Work-Life Balance
Foster camaraderie, boost morale, and strengthen connections