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We are a team of scientists, entrepreneurs, and academics accelerating the “electrification of everything.”

Renewable power generation has come a long way, but our ability to store and move clean energy remains a major challenge. Battery technology will be a key enabler of the “electrification of everything” — from electric vehicles to grid-scale power. We are dedicated to harnessing the power of A.I. to improve the performance, cost, and safety of batteries.

Research has shown that A.I.-based approaches offer step-change improvements in productivity and efficiency of battery R&D. To help scientists speed up the process of identifying the right materials and processes, Aionics provides an A.I. platform and professional consulting services that help battery manufacturers, OEMs, and end users leverage the power of data.

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Our team of experts provides scientific collaboration, construction of customized data pipelines, machine learning training, and more.


Our cloud-based platform enables transparent A.I. modeling, data analysis, and feature calculations through the browser or Python API.


Our searchable materials database contains millions of materials along with their physical properties, vendors, and commercial availability.

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