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Who we are

We are a team of scientists, entrepreneurs, and academics dedicated to accelerating the materials and chemicals R&D with A.I. We provide software solutions and consulting services to help our clients apply cutting-edge models and make the most of their data.

Our platform provides data management tools to facilitate collaboration, advanced analytics to predict outcomes and discover the importance of experimental controls, and experimental design tools to accelerate optimization and time to market.

Our platform can be applied to any experiment with chemical substances, scalar values, and/or raw measurements as input data.

What we do


Our team of experts provides scientific collaboration, construction of customized data pipelines, machine learning training, and more.


Our cloud-based platform enables transparent A.I. modeling, data analysis, and feature calculations through the browser or Python API.


Our searchable materials database contains millions of materials along with their physical properties, vendors, and commercial availability.

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What our customers are saying

What our customers are saying

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Unsure whether a data driven approach fits your organization?

Every organization’s environment is unique, which means every materials informatics approach is equally unique. Visit our Material Informatics (MI) Readiness calculator and take 60 seconds to check if this approach fits your unique environment or not.