• Enable your team to optimize electrolyte formulations in just 10% of the time

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  • Enable your team to accelerate cycle life prediction by up to 11X

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  • Enable your team to discover new solid-state materials with superhuman accuracy

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We are a team of scientists, entrepreneurs, and academics accelerating the “electrification of everything” by co-innovating with industry-leading materials companies. We leverage A.I. and high performance computing to supercharge the process of materials discovery and design.
Dr. Austin Sendek
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Who we are

Through our A.I. and quantum mechanical simulation-based simulation suite, coupled with our unique co-innovation model, we enable our users to speed up their own development, driven by their own team, learning from their own data, using their own lab, at their own pace.

What we do


Our team of experts provides scientific collaboration, construction of customized data pipelines, machine learning training, and more.


Our cloud-based platform enables transparent A.I. modeling, data analysis, and feature calculations through the browser or Python API.


Our searchable materials database contains millions of materials along with their physical properties, vendors, and commercial availability.

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