Our mission

Our mission is to support the development of a decarbonized global economy through materials innovation. We work closely with our partners to identify the right balance of co-innovation to help them reach their milestones faster.

Our story

The Aionics, Inc. story begins in 2018 with Drs. Austin Sendek and Lenson Pellouchoud, and a goal of empowering companies to apply cutting-edge A.I. approaches to accelerate their in-house R&D. Aionics has since become a recognized leader in the field of battery informatics, guiding research efforts at universities, high-visibility battery startups like Form Energy, and international corporates like Showa Denko in Japan.

Aionics officially launched in 2020, with Sendek, Pellouchoud, and Dr. Venkat Viswanathan as co-founders. Aionics has since built a cutting-edge platform that leverages experimental data, machine learning, and high-performance compute-based simulation to uncover hidden relationships in material systems and drive efficient experimental design. This approach, dubbed "Informatics 2.0," strives for a high degree of human-out-of-the-loop learning, effectively building an autonomous "machine brain" capable of rapid data-driven decision-making to complement the creativity of the human scientist.

Today, Aionics is committed to providing the best tools, data, and models, so materials innovators can unlock clear maps to discovering, designing and delivering high value products for their customers. Our partners harness the power of high-performance computing and machine learning, but spend less time on data infrastructure and more time on the activities that build lasting internal expertise and enduring company value.

Our timeline

2021 - The Aionics platform expands beyond ML materials discovery to include cycle life prediction, process optimization, searchable materials databases, and technoeconomic sensitivity analysis.

Late 2020 - Venkat joins as Chief Scientist.

Early 2020 - Aionics, Inc. spins out of Rho AI incubator as standalone corporation.

Late 2019 - Venkat receives ARPA-E award for ML-accelerated energy materials discovery.

Early 2019 - Aionics is founded in close partnership with data science incubator Rho AI, and Lenson joins as the technical lead.

Late 2018 - Austin begins materials informatics consulting as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Early 2018 - Inspired by Austin's work, Venkat publishes ML-guided screening study for solid electrolytes to suppress dendrites.

Late 2017 - Austin presents this work in Venkat's group seminar at CMU.

Early 2017 - Austin publishes the first ML-guided screening of battery materials study.

2015 - Venkat launches SEED: System for Electrolyte Exploration and Discovery.

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