Our mission is to support the development of a decarbonized global economy through materials innovation.

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Our story

Aionics, Inc. was founded in 2018 by Drs. Austin Sendek and Lenson Pellouchoud, with the goal of empowering companies to apply cutting-edge A.I. approaches to accelerate their in-house R&D. Aionics has since become a recognized leader in the field of battery informatics, guiding research efforts at universities, high-visibility battery startups like Form Energy, and international corporates like Showa Denko in Japan.

The Aionics cloud-based materials informatics platform was launched in 2019; among the first users was Cuberg, Inc., an innovative lithium metal battery startup that has since been acquired by European giant Northvolt. Prof. Venkat Viswanathan of Carnegie Mellon University joined the company as Chief Scientist in 2020 after being inspired by Aionics’ rapid growth and success in driving improved R&D outcomes across the industry.

Today, Aionics is committed to providing the best tools, data, and models, so materials innovators can spend less time on data infrastructure and more time on the activities that build lasting internal expertise and enduring company value.

Meet our team

Dr. Austin Sendek

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Lenson Pellouchoud

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Venkat Viswanathan

Chief Scientist

Dr. Peter Schindler

Senior Scientist

Constantine Athanitis

Data Scientist

Sahil Batra

VP of Marketing & Growth

Kezia Badulid

Operations Manager

Eugen Bleck

Web Developer

Shaloo Bhansali

Customer Experience

Sibora Seranaj

Data Scientist

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