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Molecular Recycling with Jeff Carbeck

Check it out! Aionics: Fortnightly, Episode 7 — Molecular Recycling with Jeff Carbeck PhD.

In this episode, Dr. Carbeck discusses how we can reduce our carbon footprint by extending the lifetime of plastics via molecular recycling. Unlike mechanical recycling, which involves melting and crushing plastics down into increasingly low-quality materials, molecular recycling involves converting molecules from one high-quality product to another.

Dr. Carbeck is a materials scientist, executive, entrepreneur, and formerly a professor of chemical engineering at Princeton University. He currently serves as CEO of 10EQS and holds a Ph.D. from MIT.

#energy #ai #machinelearning #materialsscience #sustainability #recycling #plastics #polymers #renewables

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    Guest bio

    Jeff Carbeck

    Jeff Carbeck