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Past Fortnightly

Data-Driven Materials Development in the Real World: Q&A with Dr. Jessica Golden

June 15, 2021

Many technical challenges arise when designing high energy density lithium batteries for EV applications. Dr. Jessica Golden tackles these challenges daily as the Scientific Manager at Sepion Technologies, a California-based battery company and alum of the Activate/Cyclotron Road program. Sepion’s secret to overcoming these technical challenges? Data.

In Episode 13 of Aionics Fortnightly, Dr. Golden will share how Sepion is accelerating battery development with data from both first principles modeling and machine learning efforts, and what it takes on the ground to cultivate a data-driven decision-making culture. Q&A will follow, so be sure to tune in and bring your questions!

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    Guest bio

    Jessica Golden

    Jessica Golden

    Scientific Manager, Sepion Technologies

    Dr. Golden is a renewables-focused chemist with a background in applied molecular design. She earned her doctorate under Professor Mark Thompson at USC, penning a dissertation on the design of materials for organic photovoltaics and organic light-emitting diodes. Today, she leverages her experience to solve materials problems in batteries, with the goal of accelerating the electrification of transportation and enabling the deployment of renewables on the grid.

    Co-hosts - Meet our field experts.

    • Austin Sendek

      Austin Sendek

      CEO, Aionics

    • Venkat Viswanathan

      Venkat Viswanathan

      Chief Scientist, Aionics

    • Lenson Pellouchoud

      Lenson Pellouchoud

      CTO, Aionics