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Introducing Aionics’ New Centaur Computing Approach, with CEO Dr. Austin Sendek

April 26, 2022

How do battery companies stay innovative in the Data Age, where computing is increasingly powerful and accessible, and machine learning provides superhuman predictive power? The latest R&D workflow from Aionics combines both quantum mechanical simulation with machine learning-driven decision making, resulting in a (semi)autonomous innovation machine dubbed Centaur Computing.

Aionics CEO Dr. Austin Sendek unveiled the Centaur approach to materials design for the first time from the stage of the International Battery Seminar and Exhibit in Orlando last week, and will discuss the approach again in Aionics Fortnightly Episode 26. In addition to explaining how Aionics blends physical experimentation, quantum mechanical simulation, and artificial intelligence to accelerate R&D, Dr. Sendek will also discuss Aionics’ partnership with Sepion Technologies, putting the Centaur to work for AI-guided electrolyte design.

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    Guest bio

    Dr. Austin Sendek

    Dr. Austin Sendek

    Founder and CEO, Aionics

    Dr. Austin Sendek is the founder of Aionics, Inc., a startup that is applying A.I. and high performance computing to accelerate battery materials development. In addition, Dr. Sendek is Adjunct Professor of Materials Science Engineering at Stanford University and was a member of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 in Energy list in 2019. Dr. Sendek holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Stanford University and a B.S. in Applied Physics from UC Davis.

    Co-hosts - Meet our field experts.

    • Dr. Venkat Viswanathan

      Dr. Venkat Viswanathan

      Chief Scientist, Aionics

    • Dr. Lenson Pellouchoud

      Dr. Lenson Pellouchoud

      CTO, Aionics