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Past Fortnightly

Inside The Emerging Battery and EV Landscape with Steve LeVine

May 31, 2022

We welcome journalist and writer Steve LeVine to Aionics Fortnightly Episode 28, where we’ll discuss the most important (and most overlooked) stories behind the battery and EV landscape. In his role as the Editor of The Electric, the premier battery industry newsletter,┬áSteve regularly covers the people, relationships, and industry forces guiding the electrification-of-everything revolution. So, while he typically serves as the chief question-asker, in this episode of Aionics Fortnightly we’ll flip the script and ask Steve the questions.

Co-hosts Austin Sendek and Venkat Viswanathan will ask Steve for his take on emerging battery technologies and the companies commercializing them, supply chain constraints and the geopolitics of batteries, the future of American automakers, and much more. We’ll open the floor to audience Q&A, so be sure to bring your own questions!

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    Guest bio

    Steve LeVine

    Steve LeVine

    Editor, The Electric

    Steve LeVine writes on the future of batteries, electric vehicles, autonomous mobility, and their epochal impacts. He formerly founded and wrote The Mobilist at Medium, and before that founded and ran the Future newsletter at Axios.

    He is a senior fellow with the Atlantic Council’s Foresight, Strategy and Risks Initiative, and an adjunct professor at Georgetown University. Previously, Steve was a foreign correspondent in the former Soviet Union, Pakistan and the Philippines.

    In the ‘Stans, he ran a bureau for The Wall Street Journal, and before that for The New York Times, the Financial Times and Newsweek.

    Steve has written three books. The latest is The Powerhouse: America, China and the Great Battery War, which was long-listed for the 2015 Financial Times-McKinsey Book of the Year prize. In 2007, Random House published The Oil and the Glory, which chronicled the struggle for fortune and power on the Caspian Sea. It was a BusinessWeek magazine Top 10 book for the year. In 2008, Random House published Putin’s Labyrinth, a profile of Russia through the life and death of a half-dozen Russians.

    Co-hosts - Meet our field experts.

    • Dr. Austin Sendek

      Dr. Austin Sendek

      Founder & CEO Aionics

    • Dr. Venkat Viswanathan

      Dr. Venkat Viswanathan

      Chief Scientist, Aionics