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Enabling Battery Quality at Scale with Glimpse Cofounders Drs. Peter Attia and Patrick Herring

March 28, 2024

Battery quality lies at the heart of widely-recognized issues in battery safety, reliability, and manufacturing ramp-up speeds. If only we could see inside of batteries more easily, and diagnose problems that are not obvious from the outside, many of these problems could be avoided.

That’s where Glimpse comes in. The new startup, founded by a stellar team from Tesla and Toyota Research Institute, just recently came out of stealth and are ready to talk about how they are solving this problem.

Join us for Aionics Fortnightly Episode 37 with Cofounders Dr. Peter Attia (CTO) and Dr. Patrick Herring (Chief Software Officer) as they give one of their first public talks about the problem of battery quality at scale and Glimpse’s X-ray powered inspection solution.

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    Guest bio

    Peter Attia

    Peter Attia

    Cofounder and CTO, Glimpse

    Peter is the cofounder and CTO of Glimpse. During his PhD at Stanford in Will Chueh’s group, he developed machine learning methods for battery lifetime prediction and optimization, during which he met Patrick. Peter then joined Tesla, where he worked as an engineering lead on some of Tesla’s toughest battery failure modes. Peter co-founded Glimpse to work at the intersection of a massive global problem close to his heart and deep technical challenges in X-ray imaging, computer vision, data analysis, and battery science. While Peter has received honors such as Forbes 30u30, he has not written a bestselling book on aging.

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    • Austin Sendek

      Austin Sendek

      Cofounder, Aionics Inc