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Past Fortnightly

Could AI Be the Game Changer?: A Pre-Panel Event Discussion Featuring; Florent Bouguin of Optel Group, Karim Zaghib of McGill University and Julien Billot of Scale AI

September 16, 2021

Through the collection and processing of massive data by AI, we could improve drastically the lifespan and safety of lithium-ion batteries, thereby solving one of the biggest problems limiting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and energy storage. AI also helps to shorten the development and commercialization time of anode, cathode, and electrolyte materials, currently ranging from 10 to 15 years to just 3 years.

In anticipation of the “Could AI Be The Game Changer?” panel at The Battery Show later in the day, the co-panelists will come together for a more casual chat about the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning to accelerate the battery industry.

Whether you’re able to attend The Battery Show this week or not, make sure you catch this episode of Aionics Fortnightly!


Julien Billot – CEO Scale AIMr.
Billot is CEO of Scale Ai, Canada’s artificial intelligence Supercluster dedicated to building the next generation supply chain and boosting industry performance by leveraging Ai technologies. He is also an adjunct professor of HEC Montreal and the Montreal lead for two transformational programs aiming to launch and grow startups in Artificial Intelligence leveraging Montreal tech and business ecosystem, NextAI and the CreativeDestructionLab (CDL).

Bouguin Florent – Chief Technology Officer Optel GroupBouguin is Vice President, Chief Technology Officer at Optel Group.
Florent Bouguin is a research and development executive with substantive experience in developing new technologies and business solutions to measure the human impacts on our global environment.

Zaghib Ph.D., H.D.R, Karim – Professor, McGill University, Mining and Material Engineering Department & Strategic Advisor Investissement Québec. Dr. Karim Zaghib is a world-renowned scientist who specializes in energy storage and the electrification of transportation. His many seminal scientific publications in these fields have earned him numerous honours and distinctions. He is regularly invited to take part in international conferences as an expert speaker to address issues involving energy storage and new battery technologies. 

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    Co-hosts - Meet our field experts.

    • Florent Bouguin

      Florent Bouguin

      CTO Optel Group

    • Dr. Karim Zaghib

      Dr. Karim Zaghib

      Professor, McGill University

    •  Julien Billot

      Julien Billot

      CEO Scale AI

    • Dr. Auston Sendek

      Dr. Auston Sendek

      CEO Aionics