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Building Community in the Battery Industry with Yen Yeh

October 4, 2022

In Aionics Fortnightly Episode 29, we’ll meet with Yen Yeh, Executive Director of the Volta Foundation, and discuss the ins-and-outs of the fascinating community of professionals, educators, enthusiasts, and more that make up the battery industry. Yeh has been at the very center of this community since launching Battery Brunch years ago while an employee at battery intelligence company Voltaiq, which ballooned from a small group of energy storage aficionados meeting up in person for brunch on Saturdays to a virtual event that draws thousands of attendees each month.

Fast forward to today, where building community is Yeh’s full-time passion: he is the Executive Director of the recently-launched Volta Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the battery ecosystem globally. A collective of 30,000 battery professionals representing 5,000 organizations, the Foundation produces monthly events (including Battery Brunch), industry reports (Battery Report), publications (Battery Bits), and open communication channels (Battery Street) to promote a vibrant battery ecosystem.

We’ll hear more about what the Volta Foundation is up to, and all about his experience working across so many initiatives and cross-sections of the industry. Bring your questions!

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    Guest bio

    Yen T. Yeh

    Yen T. Yeh

    Executive Director at the Volta Foundation

    Yen T. Yeh is the Executive Director at the Volta Foundation with over 10 years of experience in the development of battery systems at MIT, Apple, and leading startups in Silicon Valley. His career has focused on furthering the adoption of electric vehicles and energy storage technologies. As a technical expert, Yen has advised companies throughout the battery supply chain, in the USA, China, UK, Korea, Japan, and Israel.

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    • Dr Austin Sendek

      Dr Austin Sendek

      Founder & CEO Aionics