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Aionics-Cuberg Partnership Featured In AI Trends Magazine

The partnership between Aionics and Cuberg, a California-based manufacturer of lightweight and energy dense lithium-ion batteries for electric aviation technologies, was featured in AI Trends magazine.

Startup Cuberg Uses AI To Build Energy Dense, Lightweight Batteries

Startup Cuberg is working on developing lighter, safer, more energy-dense batteries, and they’re using a machine learning platform developed by Aionics Technologies to do it faster.

“The exciting thing we do is make batteries that are very energy dense. They are much lighter than lithium ion batteries but they have much more energy in them,” said Olivia Risset, PhD, senior scientist at Cuberg.

The batteries that Cuberg makes are safer than lithium ion batteries because the liquid component, the electrolyte, is nonflammable as opposed to what has been used traditionally in lithium ion batteries.

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