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Boston-Based Nanoramic® Laboratories Is the Latest Energy Storage Company to Adopt the Aionics R&D Platform

January 2022

Nanoramic® Laboratories, the Boston-based energy storage and advanced materials company, is the latest battery company to adopt the Aionics battery informatics R&D platform.

Nanoramic, originally spun out of MIT in 2009, develops energy storage solutions for a variety of applications, ranging from electric vehicles to power tools. Nanoramic developed a proprietary battery technology, Neocarbonix™ at the Core, that enables Tier-I battery companies and automotive OEMs to achieve next-gen battery performance while using existing equipment and manufacturing processes. Neocarbonix replaces the plastic binder and toxic solvent used in conventional battery manufacturing with an advanced 3D nano-carbon binding structure, enabling environmentally friendly and high-performance batteries. Batteries made with Neocarbonix at the Core have higher energy density and power, 15-minute fast charging, and long cycle life, all at a lower cost per kWh.

Dr. Neal Dawson-Elli, Machine Learning Team Lead at Nanoramic, stated the following: “The project with Aionics started before I joined, and I was immediately impressed by the thoroughness and flexibility of the platform. Everything they do is, as far as I can tell, a data science best practice, especially for small datasets where extra care is needed. After meeting with them a few times, it became clear that their team is made of not just data scientists and developers, but also battery experts. Together, we were able to identify the “true” inputs to our system and independently validate conclusions reached by our own battery team (unknown to me at the time) – in less time and with less data.”

Aionics Chief Executive Officer Austin Sendek added the following: “Nanoramic is a company dedicated to putting data and machine learning at the center of their decision-making and experimental design. I am excited that our platform has enabled an already forward-thinking organization to move even faster.”

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