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Austin Sendek discusses founding journey on Echelon’s Data-Driven Startup series

February 2022

Last week, Aionics founder and CEO Dr. Austin Sendek spoke about his journey as a climate entrepreneur with Echelon. According to Echelon:

Aionics has become a recognized leader in the field of machine learning-accelerated battery design, guiding research efforts at universities, high-visibility battery startups like Form Energy, and large international corporations like Showa Denko in Japan.

The behind-the-scenes magic of Aionics has already impacted several industries: electric vehicles, renewable grid energy storage, and even wearable technology sectors. With battery performance at the heart of all these important areas, it is clear Aionics is poised for positive climate impact.

Watch this Data-Driven Start-Up session with Aionics Founder and CEO Dr. Austin Sendek.

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