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Aionics to Take Center Stage at the Battery Show

September 2021

Aionics CEO and Founder Dr. Austin Sendek will feature on the panel “Could AI Be The Game Changer?” at The Battery Show conference this month. The Battery Show is known for bringing together leading advanced battery and electric vehicle engineers, innovators and thought leaders.

The panel will be moderated by Scale AI CEO Julien Billot, and will also feature as panelists Optel Group Chief Technology Officer Florent Bouguin, and McGill University Professor Karem Zaghib.

The Battery Show North America is an annual conference held in Novi, MI, covering topics including thermal management, advanced battery design and compliance requirements.

“I’m really looking forward to this discussion having now spent almost a decade exploring this topic through academic research at Stanford University and industry activities through Aionics,” said Sendek.

“I’m extremely proud to be representing the Aionics team at this event. Being invited to speak at such a prestigious conference is a great acknowledgment of the hard work they have put into developing the products and the business overall.”

Aionics has developed the first and most advanced physics-informed machine learning technology to power industry-wide battery material and cell innovation. According to Sendek: “Our team regularly helps companies realize five-times improvements in the rate of new materials discovery, ten-times faster cycle life testing, and one thousands-times acceleration in physics-based data generation for mechanistic modeling. We believe AI is the game changer!”

More information on the Battery show can be found here:

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