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Aionics CEO Publishes Data-Driven Perspective On Solid Electrolyte Development

A new publication in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C uses historical data on known solid electrolyte materials to quantify the likelihood of major breakthrough discoveries occuring in the future.

A Data-Driven Perspective

Solid-state lithium-ion batteries may offer significant improvements in energy density and cycle life over conventional lithium-ion batteries, but major improvements must first be made to the performance of solid electrolyte materials before they can realistically rival today’s commercially available batteries. In a new paper in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C, co-authored by Aionics CEO Austin Sendek, the question is posed: given what has been discovered about solid electrolyte materials so far, how likely are the breakthrough material discoveries we need in the future? The resulting analysis reveals a number of interesting insights about how to structure future R&D efforts in this space.

Click here to access the paper.