Software Tools

Expedite your efforts materials informatics by leveraging the Aionics cloud-based A.I. platform

Key services

Secure web application with browser interface and comprehensive API

Access our platform however suits you best.

Transparent and robust data-driven modeling framework

Extract robust analytics and build predictive models from your data. Aionics makes every step transparent, so you know exactly what's happening.

Unsupervised experimental design for experiments with no prior data

Build your dataset from the ground up as efficiently as possible. Our experimental design modules ensure you capture the data you need for highly accurate modeling.

Joint optimization of candidate formulations over any number of performance metrics

Specify the candidate material set, the properties to compute, and the relative weights of the properties - then see the top materials from millions of candidates within minutes.

Schedule a meeting with our team

Schedule a 15-minute introductory consultation with the Aionics team to assess the applicability of materials informatics to your R&D.