Our Platform

Expedite your efforts materials informatics by leveraging the Aionics cloud-based A.I. platform

Key offerings

Secure application accessible by browser or API

Use Aionics from any device with a web browser, or build scripts with our API client to automate your workflows. We keep your application up, monitor all traffic, and ensure your activities remain private and your data stay safe.

Transparent data-driven modeling framework

Extract robust analytics and build predictive models from your data. Aionics makes every step transparent, so you know exactly what's happening.

Design pipelines for optimal experimentation

Define any number of candidate samples, and apply your models to evaluate them efficiently. Optimize candidate selection jointly for multiple desirable outcomes, or sample the candidate space to improve the predictive power of the models, or both.

Data processing and simulations

Upload your raw data, browse through processed results on-platform. Use our on-platform simulation tools to run experiments without a lab. Either way, feed the results back into your models to build a complete on-platform data solution for your experiment.

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