The A.I. revolution is here, and our expert team is ready to help get your R&D up to speed.

Key services

Customized data and modeling pipelines

Regardless of what your data looks like, our team will apply the most relevant state-of-the-art approaches possible to uncover hidden trends and build predictive models.

Machine learning training

Learning best practices for small data materials modeling can be a challenge. Our team offers highly-focused 4-, 8- or 12-week corporate training courses; in the process, your team explores the potential for ML modeling on your data.

Scientific collaboration

We are not just data scientists; our team is composed of materials scientists, physicists, and chemical engineers. Let's design your experiments together.

Guidance on building internal efforts

How do you recruit the right talent, focus resources, and set materials informatics goals? We're here to help, drawing on our experience working with companies of all sizes.

Schedule a meeting with our team

Schedule a 15-minute introductory consultation with the Aionics team to assess the applicability of materials informatics to your R&D.