Aionics Unveils Centaur Computing, Sepion Technologies Partnership at International Battery Seminar

Aionics CEO Dr. Austin Sendek unveiled Aionics’ new Centaur Computing approach to materials design from the stage of the International Battery Seminar and Exhibit in Orlando last week, explaining that Aionics’ newest workflow blends both physical experimentation and targeted quantum mechanical simulation to build better AI models for battery materials discovery and optimization. Citing both […]

Aionics Battery AI Partnerships Featured in Steve LeVine’s The Electric

Aionics - Battery AI Partnerships Featured in Steve LeVine’s The Electric

“If you think you have to sample 100 electrolytes until you find one that works…we can come along and say, ‘Well, now it’s 20 you have to try instead of 100,’” Sendek said. “That’s a total win.” – Why EV Battery Makers Need to Start Using Machine Learning, The Electric Should battery makers start using […]

Austin Sendek discusses founding journey on Echelon’s Data-Driven Startup series

Last week, Aionics founder and CEO Dr. Austin Sendek spoke about his journey as a climate entrepreneur with Echelon. According to Echelon: Aionics has become a recognized leader in the field of machine learning-accelerated battery design, guiding research efforts at universities, high-visibility battery startups like Form Energy, and large international corporations like Showa Denko in […]

Aionics advisors Profs. Yuzhang Li and Chibueze Amanchukwu receive NSF CAREER Awards


Two members of the Aionics Scientific Advisory Board are celebrating this week. Prof. Chibueze Amanchukwu of UChicago and Prof. Yuzhang Li of UCLA have both received the prestigious NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award — one of the nation’s top awards for early-stage faculty members beginning their careers as independent researchers. According to the University of Chicago’s announcement: […]

Perspective on electric aviation, led by Chief Scientist Viswanathan, published in Nature

The prestigious scientific journal Nature has published a perspective article from an all-star group of scientists on the challenges and opportunities of battery-powered flight. The inclusion in Nature represents just how much electric aviation has elevated into the scientific and popular mainstream in recent years — while the article itself highlights how much work is yet to be done. The analysis […]

Boston-Based Nanoramic® Laboratories Is the Latest Energy Storage Company to Adopt the Aionics R&D Platform

Boston-Based Nanoramic® Laboratories Is the Latest Energy Storage Company to Adopt the Aionics R&D Platform

Nanoramic® Laboratories, the Boston-based energy storage and advanced materials company, is the latest battery company to adopt the Aionics battery informatics R&D platform. Nanoramic, originally spun out of MIT in 2009, develops energy storage solutions for a variety of applications, ranging from electric vehicles to power tools. Nanoramic developed a proprietary battery technology, Neocarbonix™ at […]

Battery informatics researcher recognized in Forbes 30 Under 30

Battery informatics researcher recognized in Forbes 30 Under 30

The rise of battery informatics has not gone unnoticed by Forbes, who announced the 2022 cohort of 30 Under 30 – Energy last week. The list of 30 North Americans who are “powering a more sustainable future” includes a battery data analyst from Tesla. Stanford University and University of Delaware graduate Dr. Peter Attia was […]

Aionics Chief Scientist Venkat Viswanathan announces at AABC: new initiative using robotics for automated electrolyte discovery

Aionics Chief Scientist Dr. Venkat Viswanathan, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, made a big announcement at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference this week in San Diego. Building on his CMU lab’s first robot “Otto,” Prof. Viswanathan announced new work that introduces a novel workflow coupling robotics to machine-learning for efficient optimization […]

Former Aionics Scientific Advisory Board Member Prof. Will Chueh Co-Founds New Battery Materials AI Venture

Prof. Will Chueh Co-Founds New Battery Materials AI Venture

This week, the Wall Street Journal highlighted an investment from Chamath Palihapitiya’s Social Capital into Mitra Chem, a new AI-driven battery materials development company co-founded by Stanford University’s Prof. Will Chueh, who served as a Scientific Advisor to Aionics from 2019 – 2021. According to the Wall Street Journal: “Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya’s Social Capital Holdings Inc. is leading a […]

Global Partnership on AI Report Highlights Aionics as Climate Impact Case Study

A new report released this week by the Global Partnership on AI, in collaboration with Climate Change AI and the Centre for AI & Climate, highlights Aionics, Inc. as a case study for how AI can be used to have a positive impact on climate change. The report, titled “Climate Change and AI: Recommendations for […]

Prof. Evan Reed of Stanford joins Aionics Scientific Advisory Board

Evan Reed, Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University, has joined the Scientific Advisory Board of Aionics, Inc., a battery materials informatics startup that spun out of his laboratory in 2018. Prof. Reed’s group focuses on the theory and modeling of nanoscale materials for electronics and energy applications, and materials at conditions […]

Aionics Partners With Chement to Accelerate Zero-Carbon Cement Production Technology

Are there any parallels between cement production and battery design processes? It may surprise you to find out the answer is yes. Cement is one of humanity’s oldest and most widely used materials. Today’s processes for making cement are nearly 200 years old, and they account for more than 7% of global carbon emissions. Dr. […]