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Aionics Chats With Sila Nanotechnologies CEO Gene Berdichevsky On Si Anode Commercialization

Last week, Sila Nanotechnologies CEO Gene Berdichevsky announced Sila is bringing their proprietary silicon anode technology to market in the personal fitness tracker WHOOP 4.0. The announcement sparked plenty of excitement in the battery world and was even covered by the New York Times (featuring a cameo quote from Aionics Chief Scientist Venkat Viswanathan) and others.

Aionics sat down with Berdichevsky for an exclusive Q&A about this exciting milestone.

Q: Can you share with us what your team announced last week?

Berdichevsky: Last week, we announced that WHOOP 4.0 is now the first product in the market powered by Sila science. Sila’s silicon anode technology, along with some other cell improvements, created a nearly 20% increase in energy density from the cell in the WHOOP 3.0. This launch really marks the most significant chemistry breakthrough to reach the market since the introduction of original Li-ion chemistry in 1991.